The Other Place

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Quirkily named, you sure to have a good time here. They show live football throughout the week and have an unbelievable open mic night every Thursday. It doesn't matter when you come, you're sure to enjoy yourself.

Thursday Jam Sessions

Head down to The Other Place for an open mic 'jam session' with great beer and even better music. Everyone gets involved, even some of the staff.

The best little dive bar in town.


The Other Place is fast becoming one of the best places in Liverpool to grab a drink, talk to friends and listen to the best live music the city has to offer. There's no surprise it's Liverpool's longest standing established bar, and it's been right in the centre of Allerton roads resurging nightlife.


Their open mic nights, now called join the jam , are the stuff of legend in South Liverpool and people are coming from all over to experience one of these momentous events. They also play live sports throughout the week and buy chip butties from the local chippy for everyone to munch on while they watch. On Fridays and Saturdays, they let their hair down upstairs and play great 70's and 80's classic tunes to dance to.


The interior is decorated with flags and signs from all over the world and the upstairs bar has walls covered with Beatles inspired designs. Their beer garden is fantastic in the summer, with a Hawaiin-esque theme running throughout.


Be sure to get down early as the place - or should I say, other place - fills up quick, especially on a Thursday.