The Climbing Hangar

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Climbing the walls, try this instead.

Climbing Walls

The Climbing Hangar are an indoor climbing and bouldering centre with a variety of walls and overhangs.

Whether you’re an experienced climber, or just new to climbing, the Climbing Hanger want you to feel like one of the family.


Your first climb at the Climbing Hangar costs just £6. And pre-registering online will grab you a further 10% off! There's no need to book your first visit unless you're attending a class or a Taster. Register online at home, or when you arrive at the centre. You will be given a loyalty card to make sure repeat customers get their money’s worth, and to make you want to keep coming back for more.


Once you're done, the seasoned climbers among you can get going. If you're new to climbing, the Climbing Hangar will provide everything you need (your discounted price includes kit hire). You will watch a short video that will explain the basics, as well as safety advice to make sure you can have the best possible experience without any unnecessary risks.


Just bring yourself, some comfortable clothes and an open mind, they'll give you a quick introduction and then you're free to explore The Climbing Hanger. You won’t need any ropes or harnesses, but don’t worry if you fall, they have extra-thick, extra-bouncy padding so there won’t be any injury, also you’ll be taught the proper way to land and get off the wall.