The Tavern Company


The Tavern Company Mexican BBQ was established in 1990 by American Keith Gurney and is referred to as the ‘second home for romantics’ by the local press. Their restaurant and bar are both cosy, warm, candlelit havens with rich wooden textures and a really comfortable feel.


They are still family owned and operated and dedicated to using only the finest, freshest ingredients and serving them in a relaxed and friendly environment.


They have won multiple awards including the 'Nations Best Breakfast' for two years running. Their brunch menu is superb, with all the old classics mixed in with the latest modern and contemporary food.


It comes as no surprise that there is often a queue around the corner - usually stocked with students that live locally around Smithdown road - so be prepared to get there early or pay the price.


At night the Mexican BBQ restaurant comes out to play. They have an incredibly varied menu without the food quality suffering.


Everything you'd expect to be there is there. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas and nachos as well as a burger list that can leave any fantasy fulfilled.


Their bar area is open all day and is stocked with all the latest drinks as well as some in-house cocktails.