Salt Dog Slim’s

Food & Restaurant

A great place to hang with friends and enjoy some steins, brines and good times.

Happy Hour

Cocktails £5, choose from a selection 5 like the Pink Panther or the St. Tropez Sour. Available Sunday - Friday from open till 8pm

Free Hot Dog

Get a free hot dog with your first beer Sunday - Friday from open till 8pm

A great bar on Seel street in the vibrant Ropewalks District of Liverpool, they have an incredibly simplistic outlook on what is needed for a good time: steins, brines and good times.


Shoot down for some fantastic American-style hotdogs, complete with all the trimmings. From the classic to the Chilli Beef, the Atomic to the Aye Carumba, there really is something for everyone and all of it comes impecibly presented to the highest standard.


Obviously, with hot dogs this good your going to need something to wash it down. Why not try some of their amazing steins, served in massive three-pint glasses and with a wide range of drinks to choose from.


Don't worry though, there are soft drinks to choose from and if you're not a fan of beer they have a wide ranging cocktail menu. Try the Pink Panther to the Hobo Punch, all only £5.00 during happy hour.


During their happy hour, which seems to be on always, you can get a free hotdog with your first beer.


And one of their best qualities, as you might have guessed by the name, is they are a very dog friendly bar. So bring along your best friend and let them join in fun!