Food & Restaurant

Relish is a beautiful little bistro centred on Rose Lane, Mossley Hill.

Relish is a beautiful little bistro tucked away on Rose Lane. Their speciality is catering to events. Be it weddings, parties or other catering days, they've got you covered.


For when you want a small bite to eat that's going to pack big flavour and lots of taste, their relish homemade fries hut is the answer. They can come to your events and set up so you don't have to worry.


From simple garlic and rosemary to delicious chicken tikka masala, simply choose your favourite topping from their list.


They also offer services for classic afternoon tea. Afternoon tea has made a real comeback and Relish is considered among the best in Liverpool.


They have a delicious selection of homemade sandwhiches, pastries, cakes and teas available to order.


When winter comes around, nothing beats a good hog roast. Their locally sour ed prime pigs are marinated overnight in their spicy dry rub before being slow cooked for eight hours in a specially designed spit roast.