Red’s True Barbecue

Food & Restaurant

Red's True Barbecue on Hanover Street Liverpool. Car mechanic-themed diner with steel girders and booth seating - The home of the true barbecue.

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At Red's True Barbecue, when they say true barbecue they mean it!


They have all of the classic southern American food from brisket that's been smoked for hours to burgers that have been fried for minutes, as well as the widest selection of 'french fry' toppings you could imagine.


Everything from cheese, diced bacon, spring onions, chopped tomatoes and all the classic sauces can be found on top of a plate of chips, and the burgers are just the same.


They are certainly not lacking imagination, but the fantastic thing is that they're able to pull off this massively varied menu. Every meal looks different, smells different and most importantly, tastes different. You could go there for weeks and never have the same meal twice.


Located in the hip Hanover street, they are perfectly situated for a post shop treat or a pre-cinema indulgence.


Just don't expect there to be many options if you're a vegetarian. They have one vegetarian main course - although what would you expect out of an American BBQ joint.