Queensway Tunnel Tour

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Join a Queensway Tunnel Tour and experience what goes on underneath Liverpool, and see how films like Harry Potter, used the Queensway Tunnel in its film the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Queensway Tunnel Tours

Queensway Tunnel Tours are offering visitors a chance to explore the Queensway tunnel and learn how the massive engineering feat works from day to day.

Queensway Tunnel Tour offers a different way to see Liverpool. So journey deep beneath Liverpool and witness the wonders of Liverpool's famous Mersey Tunnels. This is an experience you will never forget!


The Liverpool Mersey Tunnel Tour takes you on a unique behind the scenes look at the famous Queensway Mersey Tunnel which opened in 1934. As well as learning about the construction of the famous Queensway -Liverpool tunnel, you will visit the original control room, see giant ventilation fans in action and go down to watch the traffic in the Queensway tunnel, deep below the city streets. You will be able to find out why the tunnels are so unique and that they have also featured in several Hollywood movies such as Harry Potter & The Fast and Furious.