Old Christ Church

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A venue for farmers markets, beer festivals, art exhibitions and seasonal fairs, at the heart of local life.

Waterloo Beer Festival

A three-day extravaganza featuring over 200 real ales and ciders with live music, fantastic food and World Cup screening. Tickets from £5 from eventbrite.co.uk

Gin Party

Aimed at gin aficionados and novices alike with over 20 different gins to choose - From chocolate gin to a gin that turns purple when you add tonic! tickets £9 from Eventbrite.

The Old Christ Church is a staple part of modern Liverpool history.


Originally opened in 1840 to serve Anglicans in the Waterloo community. The southern part of Waterloo was, administratively lively, part of the ancient Litherland Township; but in 1856 it was combined with its fast-growing neighbour on the Mersey shore to form the new Waterloo-with-Seaforth Local Board of Health.
Christ Church was enlarged twice before being demolished at the end of the nineteenth century to make way for a new, spacious church.


Christ Church that stand on Waterloo Road today was built in 1891-99 to replace a much humbler building by something more in keeping with the increasing prosperity of this rapidly growing suburb of Liverpool.


Its majestic tower of pink sandstone became a landmark for sailors and still dominates the neighbourhood. The church was disused for many years, and World War II bombing and later vandalism wreaked some damage, but the architecture is hauntingly romantic.


It is a huge and impressive building with wonderful stained glass and a strong sense of Victorian confidence and civic pride.


The fittings and furnishings have gone but the interior remains striking. Soaring timber vaults form the roofs and graceful arches lead your eye to the great east window. Here, in vibrantly colourful stained glass, are depicted Christ with angels, saints and Old Testament figures.


If you’re visiting Liverpool, and you would like to learn about the religious side of the city, then obviously the Cathedrals are a good place to start. But if you’d like to dig a little deeper, scratch beneath the surface, and see the real side of religious Liverpool, then give the Old Christ Church a visit.