Moose Coffee

Food & Restaurant

Moose Coffee is great New York inspired coffee shop located in the centre of town. They redefine good coffee and great breakfast.

Moose Coffee was founded in 2006. The concept grew from a love for the great American breakfast culture and nowhere does it better than the diners & delis of New York City.


Their aim is to provide an American Canadian influenced breakfast and brunch experience with an authentic short order menu. From the classic Comfort Diner on 45th St to the cosmopolitan Pershing Deli at the south end of Grand Central Station, they wanted to capture the American & Canadian attitude to the best meal of the day and sought to create an eclectic mix of comfort food inspired by their culinary experiences.


Try the New York Moose, better known as the eggs benedict, or the Cabouse, homemade cheese pancakes, served with bacon & free range eggs or the Liberty Moose, creamy scrambled eggs mixed with pesto, pine nuts and cured ham.


For those with a sweet tooth why not try their homemade buttermilk pancakes, doorstop french toast or waffles smothered in maple syrup. Enjoy their very own Moose blend espresso coffee as well as the selection of chilled drinks.


The brunch menu provides a choice of well stacked sandwiches and a homemade specials board. They use quality ingredients, love what they do and have an ethical approach to how they source their food and coffee.


As a company they have strong values which sets high expectations and standards to embrace and nurture commitment from those who share their journey. They also seek to use their influence to support and champion organisations protecting vulnerable people and those dedicated to saving our planet.