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Simply put, they just enjoy good quality, made from scratch cooking and feel everyone else deserves that too!

3 Small Plates & Wine £20

Three small plates and a bottle of wine each for £20pp available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 - 10pm.

Owned by a couple with unique skills and a combined passion for opening a beautifully designed, perfectly presented restaurant with tasty, cooked-from-scratch food.


Alex is an experienced Chef of nearly twenty years, Antonia; an ex-teacher, creative yet a fanatic about organising things. Together they have combined their talents to create Heritage.


Heritage seems to be the perfect name to describe not only their family background (Sicilian, British, Jordanian) but also Liverpool as a city, and as they've found their place to set up on Castle Street, it seems like a perfect environment for them to flourish.


Castle Street is a burgeoning foodie paradise, with new bars and restaurants popping up all around Liverpool's historic town hall.


Heritage is a brilliant addition to their environment and really bring something new to the table. They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as well as a full kids menu. They offer light breakfast and lunches, as well as options with a bit more weight to them, amazing sandwiches, and for early evening and dinner, they offer two separate menus depending on your preference.


Simply put, they just enjoy good quality, made from scratch food and they feel that everyone deserves that too.