Formby Nature Reserve


Formby Nature Reserve is a fantastic place to take the kids and walk the dog. See the beautiful pine trees, sit on top of the amazing sand dunes and keep an eye out for the lovely little squirrels. A place for all the family.

Head on outdoors with the whole family and visit Formby Beach and Nature Reserve.


With towering sand dunes and peaceful pinewoods lining the way, this is an idyllic spot for an outdoor adventure. Home to endangered red squirrels only the best explorers will be able to spot them. Mini historians will love searching for prehistoric footsteps in the mud and sand.


Look for endangered species like the Natterjack Toad and the Northern Dune Tiger Beetle. Maybe even try learning outdoors and enrol at the children’s university. Take park in the parks international treasure hunt and find the hidden geocaches and see what you discover.


Family favourites like building sandcastles and hide and seek are a must. Whatever you all decide to do with your day, we are certain everyone will not want to leave.


  • Beach and Woods
  • Walking Trails
  • Children's University


But don't think of it as just an option for summer. All year round, Formby Nature Reserve is a fantastic place to take the kids and the dog and reconnect with nature. Although, in the summer there is an ice cream van in the car park, and a flake 99 in the sun with your loved ones is always going to go down well. No matter what age you are.