Fit Food Shack

Food & Restaurant

Health food takeaway and nutrition hub.

Fit Food Shack is Liverpool’s premier health food takeaway and nutrition hub. It is a vibrant, thriving healthy eating space to provide people with a choice of healthy food, healthy lifestyle and inspiring environment. No junk, preservatives, bad fats or processed foods. Just healthy, nutritious protein packed meals made fresh every day in their kitchen.


They provide a high-quality healthy takeaway and health food tailored to your fitness goals. Whether you’re competing as a fitness professional or just looking to change your diet, bulk or cut, we have what you need.


Protein is our passion.  A common mistake is that fit bodies are made in the gym. People vastly overestimate how many calories are burnt in a workout. You cannot out train a bad diet. Fit Food Shack will not only make nutrition simple by providing you with everything a healthy body needs in a takeaway format. They will also provide you with full meal options prep for your week made fresh at their site by professionally qualified chefs.


More importantly Fit Food Shack will provide you with information, education and assistance on your journey to a better healthier you.


Fit Food Shack is based right in the city centre in Old Hall Street.