Night Clubs

In Heebies basement and known for crazy late nights. Refreshingly unique, wonderfully insane and undeniably spectacular.

Date Night

Huge party hosted by Liverpool Arts Society for the singles of Liverpool. Speed dating, play drinking games, blind dates, play twister and so much more. Tickets £5 from Eventbrite

Looking for a place to party? The Lone Wolf and club have it covered!


You choose the poison, you choose the friends you want to bring along and you choose the space that works. No matter what kind of night you are looking for or what you drink,  it’s do-or-die attitude will ensure you'll have a good time.


The Liverpool Nightlife has changed and is constantly evolving. Now you can find a club within a club. That's right,  as E.B.G.B.S can be found in the basement of Heebie Jeebees.


Are they related? Who knows? Who cares? All we know is E.B.G.B.S is one of Liverpool's newest alternative clubs and they are here to stay.


Do you like Indie music with a bit of electro thrown in? Of course you do, everyone does, that why E.B.G.B.S plays it every night.


The club room hosts nights including Liverpool’s longest running Alternative/Indie night Liquidation, as well as shows from different performers every night, ranging from the House of Suarez Vogue performers, Monster Cirques fire dancers and a crew of break dancers and roller girls.


Get down there at any time during the week and realise the thing you never knew was missing in your life is now in the Heebees basement.