Dirty Little Secret

Cocktail Bars

Dirty Little Secret Liverpool's newest, most intimate cocktail bar and lounge. Serving unusual mixed drinks and spirits, speakeasy style. The secret's finally out.

The city’s newest, most intimate lounge hidden in plain sight. Nestled snuggly between some Liverpool club giants like Pop World and Level, it can be very easy to walk past. But make no mistake, once you’re in you’ll never forget just exactly where it is.


This newer-than-new secret destination cocktail bar feels more like a 1920’s American speakeasy than a modern bar, both aesthetically and in the choice of drinks. Big clubs are on their way out. Dancing the night away in a massive ballroom is no longer chic, and this fact is highlighted by the incredibly exclusive Dirty Little Secret. Why turn up to a large and sweaty venue when you can try it in for an intimate environment that’s very Gatsby-esque.


Once you try their eclectic mix of cocktails, you’ll wonder why you ever even wanted a shot, or jaeger-bomb. And why would you, when you can have a Dirty Old Fashioned – a modern take on the classic whiskey drink. Or if you still want the child in you to come out then try a collection of cocktails that are served inside coco pops cereal boxes with whipped cream and a lovely straw.


Just be sure to check their website for table bookings or to check ahead on getting in. You really wouldn’t want to be turned away from this truly spectacular venue.