The dog-friendly craft beer company that caters to all tastes - two and four-legged. It's cool, vibrant and upbeat, just like the Ropewalks district it resides in.

Situated in the Ropewalks District, BrewDog typifies the spirit of Liverpool.


The bar dances to its own tune in terms of the look, which is as eclectic any of the vibrant bars in the area. They have incredibly deep-filling and comfortable chairs parked next to more formal seating. Coupled with the barebrick walls and idiosyncratic room dividers, it makes for a hipsters paradise.


In the adventurous beer selection, pouring from thirty draft lines (with a hearty bottle and can menu alongside) you can select tastes from any part of the world and they are sure to satisfy any pallatte. There is also an integrated BottleDog for those wishing to buy beer to take away!


BrewDog Liverpool also brings an incredible burger menu, vintage arcade games and innovative ‘press for beer’ buttons to the constantly arising, not inconsiderable party.


If that's wasn't enough, as the name suggests BrewDog are an incredibly dog-friendly company - even going as far as to offer puppy maternity leave - and so you're pooch will always be welcome. They even stock dog friendly beers and snacks so ask at the bar for something your four-legged friend can enjoy.