Brasco Lounge

Food & Restaurant

A tapas bar in an ideal location. Great food to satisfy any palette of vegan, gluten-free and kids options. Grab a bite to eat with amazing views of the Liverpool Waterfront.

Founded in 2002, Loungers is committed to bringing great food to every customer.


Their all day tapas bar is in an  ideal location on the Liverpool Waterfront, next to the amazing Museum of Liverpool, between the Albert Dock and the Liver building. They have an amzing outdoor terrace, or if you don't want to brace the cold sea breeze, their interior walls are basically one big window.


They have a diverse range of food and drinks, including kids, vegan and gluten-free menus to make sure every palatte is left satisfied. All of this is served in a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that is sure to give you a full, well-rounded dining experience.


And if that's not enough, a large shield sits on the back wall contianing the Liver Bird, that waas salvaged when the building was bought. So can dine with geinuine Liverpudlian heritage.