Alma De Cuba

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Alma de Cuba is situated in the former St Peter’s Catholic Church on the south side of Seel Street in Liverpool. The building is itself an iconic destination as it is the first church in Liverpool to be turned into a social venue.

Samba Afternoon Tea

Alma De Cuba are featuring samba dancers while having lunch from 2-4pm (scones, sandwiches, cakes). £29.95

Petal Shower

Alma De Cuba are featuring the Petal drop. Petals thrown down over the crowd from the mezzanine. 11pm

Gospel Brunch

Alma De Cuba are hosting a full gospel choir performing from the alter whilst having Sunday Brunch from  1.30-5pm

Alma de Cuba is one of Liverpool’s most treasured restaurants and bars located in the heart of the city centre, a colourful and vibrant fusion of Cuban, Hispanic and Latin American influences.


Alma de Cuba offers a spectacular dining and nightlife experience, housed in the former 1700s St. Peter’s Catholic Church and affectionately known to locals as ‘the Polish Church’, the iconic building is integral to Liverpool’s history, preserving the opulent features of the church itself, Alma de Cuba stands today with just as much presence and beauty. Alma de Cuba is one of the most striking spaces in Liverpool, step inside and you’ll discover the awe-inspiring original alter and historic stained glass windows. These opulent features are accompanied by sparkling chandeliers and cosy candles igniting an atmospheric, stylish finish.


Dining at Alma is a fantastic affair, take in the splendour of your surroundings while indulging in delicious dishes from the exciting new menu.