£5 Lunch Deals in Liverpool

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£5 Lunch Deals in Liverpool

Liverpool’s food landscape has been utterly transformed recently, with something to suit everyone, including those on a budget.

So don’t think you have to go and slug it out with everyone in McDonald’s when you can actually sit down and be served lunch for less than a fiver.

Here’s 5 of the city’s best budget lunch deals.



19 North John Street

L2 5QU



Shiraz, North John Street, Liverpool. Essential Liverpool
Shiraz, North John Street, Liverpool


Shiraz BBQ is a contemporary Mediterranean & Middle Eastern bar & restaurant, where you can get either a range of hot and cold meze, or a small breakfast, a fresh margarita pizza, and a choice of garden-fresh salads all for under a fiver.  A Cheddar cheese, bacon & mushroom omelette is only £4.80 and burgers are only £3.60 for goodness sake.

That’s less than a fiver each, not for all them, that would be ridiculous.



54 Bold St

L1 4ER



Bakchich on Bold Street Liverpool, Essential Liverpool
Bakchich on Bold Street Liverpool


At Bakchich, the Lebanese street food hub on Bold St, chicken or lamb shawarma are less than a fiver and so is the spicy Lebanese chip butty, batata hara, garlic and red chillies. The range of different soft drinks and teas are worth a visit on their own.




25 Bold St

L1 4DN



Crust on Bold Street Liverpool, Essential Liverpool
Crust on Bold Street Liverpool


If you’re after a quick and cheap lunch then pop down to Crust, the Bold Street restaurant serves up to 100 pizzas an hour and prices start from £5.50.

While the pizzas aren’t under a fiver, remember, you’re only going for lunch, so don’t get carried away, you can’t be falling asleep at your desk in the afternoon because of too much calzone. However, the wood-fired homemade Tuscan bread is. The Caprese, the mushroom bruschetta, the smoky Mortadella ham, and the Classic are all only £4.50

The menu is rammed with vegan and vegetarian dishes as well and the Diavlo pizza was recently named as Deliveroo’s fifth most ordered dish.


Yard and Coop

Hanover Street

L1 3DN


Yard & Coop on Hanover Street Liverpool
Yard & Coop on Hanover Street Liverpool


Yard & Coop like to think of themselves as chicken experts, and if you pop down there you’ll see why; KFC this is not. They’ve got their own buttermilk fried chicken recipe, secret of course,   choose  your cut, crumb and sauce and they’ll fry you up a winner, winner chicken dinner in no time at all.

Their £5 lunch specials include; Thai Thighter Burger, which is a buttermilk fried chicken thigh in a brioche bun with far-out slaw, peppers, lettuce, tomato and homemade Seoul sauce, as well as the delicious, Coop Club Sandwich, buttermilk fried chicken thigh with chips, gravy, slaw, rocket and tomato all in a white double-decker. Sound good?



3 Great Charlotte St

L1 1HU



Wetherspoons on Great Charlotte Street Liverpool, Essential Liverpool
Wetherspoons on Great Charlotte Street Liverpool


If you’re looking for a cheap lunch, you could do worse than Wetherspoons. All of the deli meals are under a fiver, jacket spuds with all the classics, bagels with pastrami, smashed avocado, or smoked salmon and cream cheese, as well as toasties, wraps and paninis, posh and plain. There’s even some of the Pub Classics that are under a fiver.

In a rush, even better, Wetherspoons have an app; order and pay online, and it’s ready when you get there.

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