5 Best Pints in Liverpool

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A good pint, as I’m sure you will all agree, is purely subjective.  My taste is different to yours, my taste buds, my experience, my preferences may well be in alignment or completely at odds.  These are my five best pints at the moment.  The nature of the industry means they might not be next week, but that’s a good excuse to go out and try them all again!

Plum Mild at the Ship and Mitre

133 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2JH, England

0151 236 0859


This started off in 2014 as a monthly special but happily keeps coming back.  Plummy overtones but not overpowering, a good bitter aftertaste without too much sharpness, black with a small brown-tinged head, thick lacing.

Aroma is plum and licorice with a medium body and low carbonation; smooth.

The taste is of molasses, and plum, well rounded up front.

Temperature is also important, the pint is cool but not over-chilled as can be the case with some pubs that have jumped on the Real Ale or Craft bandwagon and think that all beers are created equal and that lager and cask conditioned ale can served at the same degree setting.

All hours: Sunday – Wednesday 10.00am – 11.00pm

Thursday – Saturday 10.00am – 12.00am

TripAdvisor: 4.5


Chester, United Kingdom

Still a great place. It is 3 years since I has reviewed the Ship & Mitre but I thought I should submit another as it is so well worth a visit. This is really based on if you are wanting to benefit from their great selection of beers and amazing prices and wonderful friendly service. We did not eat here although we did some diners who looked as though the size portions were very generous.

I think what amazed me most at this visit apart from the beers which my husband was more interested in were the selection of gins. A double gin was £4.70 and from such a selection and a double whisky for £4!!!

It’s such a pity that the pub is not closer to the city centre as I think it misses out on footfall. However if it was maybe the prices would be higher. We look forward to our next visit.



White Rat at the Dispensary

87 Renshaw Street, Liverpool L1 2SP, England

0151 709 2160

There isn’t a great deal to be said about the beer at the Dispensary that hasn’t already been said, CAMRA awards and plaudits abound, but this isn’t about the pub, it’s about the pint, and there is a  reason White Rat has become a regular drink at Dave’s, and it’s because it is a great pint, always.  No ifs, no buts, always.  Now while this may be down to good cellar management, it’s also down to the brewery producing a consistent ale, something that can’t always be said about all breweries, Dave also used to do a plum porter and the taste changed; often.

A hoppy very pale ale, produced using Maris Otter malt, a combination of Procter and Pioneer malts, which produce a resinous and intensely aromatic finish.

Straw coloured with a medium white head.

Aroma: melon, lemon, touch of grapefruit, with some subtle straw and grassy hops.

Taste: follows the aroma with mellow lemon, grapefruit, melon, a hint of resin and straw, with a touch of biscuity-malt and understated grassy hops. Light bodied with a soft carbonation.

A citrusy dry, bitter hop in the finish.

Considering this is only a 4% blonde beer it is rammed with flavour, very sessionable.

Landlord from many pubs since 1953 has been, and still is one of Britain’s greatest cask beers, so good and consistent I’ll often choose a pint of this before an un-rated pint.  It has stayed true to its origins, with a light sweetness, moderate bitterness, and a gentle feel in the mouth, however it is the taste combination of biscuits and toast from the Styrian Golding hops together with the Golden Promise malt that elevate this classic to a world-class Bitter. Consistent and excellent pint.

All hours: Sunday – Thursday 12.00pm – 11:00pm

Friday – Saturday 12.00pm – 12.00am

TripAdvisor: 3.0

Matt B

Fantastic real ale Pub. A great pub with a great atmosphere -well worth a visit for the Dark Mild and other traditional British ales .They were showing cricket and tennis the day we visited ,the furniture was sparse and basic but perfectly functional. Well worth another visit.



Director’s at The Carnarvon Castle

5 Tarleton Street, Liverpool L1 1DS, England

0151 708 0516

It’s a nice change to go in to a pub in the centre of Liverpool and find clean toilets, but here they are.  I make the comment about the toilets because, like a restaurant, sometimes we judge the food/ale on the loos. 

Director’s is a clear amber beer, with a bubbly pale cream colour head.  The palate is airy, semi dry and has great fine carbonation. Mild caramel malts, modest dried fruits. Light floral finish. A modest beer elevated by great condition.

All hours: Monday -Sunday  10.00am-11.00pm

TripAdvisor: 4.5

Stephen K

Superb Old Local Pub

The Carnarvon Castle is an old local pub in Liverpool City Centre which is located on a side street between Williamson Square and Church street. An excellent pub with which had an excellent refurbishment a couple of years ago. A small two roomed pub with an excellent interior that has a superb bar and area and plenty of interesting features and in the other room just past the main bar is a superb room with great seating and is an ideal area to enjoy a few beers. This pub is well worth visiting and we went in here for a few glasses of cask ales while going to a few pubs and bars in this area. A very lively pub with a great atmosphere we went here and had a few glasses of cask ales which were excellent and well-priced. This superb pub is a great place to visit as it is a proper local pub with a nice atmosphere and well managed by superb staff who are friendly and helpful. Located on Tarleton street and easy to locate from Central train station a few minutes’ walk along Ranelagh street a right onto Church street then turn right on to Tarleton street.



Osset Yorkshire Blonde at the Roscoe Head

24 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, England

0151 709 4365


I love the Roscoe Head, tiny and cosy, a great place a winter’s day to snuggle up with a lovely Yorkshire blonde, and a beer too.  This pale coloured ale is full bodied, well-rounded and slightly sweet on the palate.  A generous late addition of Mount Hood hops result in a delicate fruity hop aroma, a lovely quaffable ale.

All hours: Sunday 12.00pm – 12.00am

Monday 11.30am to 11.00pm.

Tuesday – Saturday 11.30am to 12.00am


TripAdvisor: 4.5

margaret l

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Love this friendly pub.

We visit the Roscoe every time we go into Liverpool, such a friendly Pub the people who manage it have been there for over 40 yrs, have grown up in the pub. it will be a shame if the people who have bought it knock it down or change it in any way . We love Our Liverpool History and this Pub is very much a part of it.



Peter Kavanagh’s

2-6 Egerton Street, Liverpool L8 7LY, England

0151 709 3443


You have to go to Peter Kavanagh’s to experience it, quirky, odd, weird, all good adjectives used to describe this pub. Just go and see for yourself, and while you’re there, try the Torch, a Light Bronze ABV 3.8% a full flavoured traditional coloured session beer, the colour and flavour which comes from the small amounts of special crystal rye malt.

All hours: call for opening times.

TripAdvisor: 4.5


Bromley, United Kingdom

A fascinating pub with helpful staff. We popped in during our pilgrimage to Liverpool on the recommendation of a pair of Brummies we met in Ye Cracke. Totally out of the way, this is a remarkable pub, full of curiosities hanging from the ceiling or stacked on shelves. I spotted four bicycles, including a penny-farthing! My son bought a poster we hadn’t seen before and a few pints taking in the surroundings. The woman behind the bar was very friendly and happy to help in any way she could. We’ll be back at some time soon!




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